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Volume 7 Issue 2

Technologies to Promote Sustainable Fashion Textile in Support Of Canada’s 2030 Climate Change Goals
Nasir. A., Nasir. A., Lim. L. C.
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Perceived Factors Influencing International Investment in Malaysia
Abel Anafi Yusufua, Kantharow Apparavu, Jugindar Singh Katar Singh
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The Impact of Hedonic Value, Utilitarian Value, and Perceived Trust Towards Online Shopping Behaviour of Dietary Supplements Among Females in Kuala Lumpur
Puteri Farah Qistina, Janitha Kularajasingam, Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh
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The Adoption of E-Wallet by Generation Z in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Muhammad Anas Mustafa, Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh, Noraini Binti Ahmad
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The Success of Shopee as the Leading Online Shopping Platform Among Consumers in Malaysia
Raakesh A/L Arikrishnan, Rohizan Binti Ahmad, Morakinyo Dada
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Factors Influencing the Success of Women Entrepreneurship in SME in Maldives
Aishath Zidhuna Zulham, Ibiwani Alisa Hussain, Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh, Noraini Ahmad, Lim Li Chen
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