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Volume 7 Issue 1

The Influence of Perceived Enjoyment on Impulsive Buying Behaviour in the Apparel Industry Among Millennials in Klang Valley, Malaysia
Munish Baskaran, Morakinyo Dada
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Influence of Price Awareness, Brand Image, And Self-Concept On Purchasing Behaviour Towards the Fashion Apparel Industry Among Generation Y Consumers in Malaysia
Bruce Jack Lee, Tee Poh Kiong, Morakinyo Dada
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The Factor Influencing Popularity of Tik Tok Among Generation Z_A Quantitative Study in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Aliyah Widyasari Putri Daryus, Rohizan Binti Ahmad, Morakinyo Dada
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Influence of Product Packaging, Promotions and Store-Environment of the Retail Industry on the Impulsive Purchasing Behaviour of Females in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Mohd Hamza Islam, Rohizan Binti Ahmad, Morakinyo Dada
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An Exploratory Study on Challenges faced by Working Women and Their Perceived Supports Towards Remote Working in Malaysia
Siva Sankari A/P Ramani, Subaashnii a/p Suppramaniam, Morakinyo Dada
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Factors Influencing Online Food Delivery App Adoption Among Undergraduate Students in Kuala Lumpur Capital, Malaysia
Shada Ali Abdo Melhi Ayedh
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